Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lawson Family Reunion: Capulin Volcano

So this summer we went up to Colorado to see my dad's side of the family. They recently got home from an LDS mission  to Argentina. We had a big family reunion up at Breckenridge, a BEAUTIFUL town in the mountains. Kinda like Estes Park. We've stayed in the same cabin up there for years, and it's nice to go up to the same place almost every year, instead of changing it up all the time. Since there are a TON of pictures from the reunion, i'll divide it up into sections. Here's the first. Since we drive to Colorado, my parents decided to take a pit stop at a dormant volcano in New Mexico, Capulin Volcano. It was pretty cool. You could hike down to the bottom of the volcano (it was really short) and than you could hike around the edge (about 1 mile), so it was a good way to stretch out our legs from sitting for so long. 

The "landscape" around the volcano really wasn't very attractive. It make me think of ogre snot, or better yet, diarrhea. Gross, right?

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