Friday, May 20, 2011

Catching Up

I think we've all decided through the years that blogging is a big responsibility. I mean, who grows up over three years? (LOL) Actually, we're growing bigger and bigger every year, in the size of each individual person, and in this year, our family. Kathy is pregnant with #6, and is due on June 8th. He is a boy, and we're going to name him Aaron. We thought that would be a good name because in the story Aaron and Moses, the whole story wouldn't have happened without Aaron, and we want him to feel that he has the same worth as every other child in the family. There you have it, #6 is soon to come.

Now that we told you the surprise, lets get on to our daily/monthly life. These upcoming months are the end of Kathy's 2nd term as the PTA president at the elementary school where all the kids are attending, except for Courtney who is finishing up her first year in middle school, and is absolutely loving it. Jon is an employee for Bank of America, and is doing great!

We are all ready for the summer to come, along with it's many trips. We will be visiting Virginia to see Kathy's parents and her sister and 4 kids. On the way to Virginia, we will be taking a pit stop in Kentucky to see some friends that used to live in Texas, but moved there, and we will maybe be visiting Kathy's uncle. Before heading out to Virginia, we'll be making another pit stop in Colorado. Jon's parents received their mission call a little while ago, and wanted the whole family to get together one last time before they head to Argentina.

You're probably wondering how old everybody is now. Courtney will be turning 13 in November (Yikes! She's already becoming a teenager!). Brandon and Cami will be turning 11 in December. Reagan will be turning 7 in July, and Spencer turned 4 in February. There's a family overview. Let's get down to individuals.

Jon- Jon has been the wonderful husband as always lately, and just had a birthday in May. He is succeeding in work, and has been called as the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric of our newly organized ward.

Kathy- Kathy has been working her hiney off (as usual) to keep the house in order. She is ready for #6 and excited to reunite with family and friends in the summer. She was given the calling as the primary pianist and Bear Den Leader about 4-5 months ago, and is loving hanging out with the primary kids.

Courtney- Courtney just recently turned 12, and entered the Beehives, and is currently serving as the Beehive Secretary. She entered 6th grad (aka middle school) for the first time, and is happy to be away from elemetary school . She has been excelling in grades, and her all time favorite class of the day: Choir. She had been in everything she can be in, and has recieved multiple rewards, but we're still working on the excercising part of that.

Cami- Cami has entered the 4th grade, and is loving her new teacher. She recently joined the school choir, and in planning on joining again next year. She loves hanging out with friends, and is never a party pooper. She loves to help the family out, and has become closely connected to Spencer.

Brandon- Brandon has officially turned into Mr. Sportsman. He loves to watch any and all sport games on television with Jon, and will play with any video game he can get his hands on. He also is loving 4th grade, and loves to talk about all the "secret admirers" that like him. He loves to play the piano and is excited for a new baby brother.

Reagan- Reagan has joined the 1st grade, and wishes he could go to school more often. He is the comedian of the house, and will make a friend out of anyone. He loves to sing and dance, and hang out with his siblings.

Spencer- Spencer has been introduced to preschool and is loving hanging out with his "preschool friends". He brings a smile to everyone's face in the house, and is turning into a bright young learner. With his alphabet learned, and almost reading, he's gonna be a tiny Einstein.

Posted by Courtney