Tuesday, June 25, 2013

gingerbread houses....in june

we may be crazy, but we aren't crazy enough to make gingerbread houses in june. who am I kidding, you'd know this wasn't recently by the clothes we're wearing. for pete's sake, i'm wearing a scarf! (; so I don't quite know where cami was this day, so i'm sorry that you won't be graced by any pictures of her. I apologize):
and just in case you're being extra curious today, we didn't make these with gingerbread. us cheepies....(; we make them with graham cracker, frosting, and just candy you can buy at your local walmart, target, etc.
and not only will you be able to enjoy my hot mess pictures, Reagan and his gorgeous faces, and Brandon and his amazingness, but aaron and his cuteness!
ladies and gentlemen, enjoy.


and the only single picture of spencer. double enjoyment! you're so lucky...(;

Monday, June 17, 2013


today I am at home watching the boys, and they wanted to watch a cartoon, leaving me bored. therefore, you will now be presented with a post. no need to say you're welcome, I can feel your gratitude seeping through the screen. (;
so, Brandon and cami turned 12! big numero. I only found these pics, so enjoy the lousy three pictures taken(: I'm sure there's more, but I couldn't find them...i'm sorry.

Friday, June 14, 2013

cuz i feel like posting words...?

ladies and gentleman,

I just experienced one of the best weeks of my life with almost 200 other teenagers who have the same standards as me. being a Mormon teenager in a cruel world, life gets really hard. if you're not Mormon, and you're reading this, you don't understand how hard it is to go to a party and have all your friends wearing bikinis, and very "showy" clothes, and you're in long bball shorts, a sleeved tshirt, or a one piece swimsuit. life is so rough, and I don't even know how to describe how much I love being a Mormon, and going to camp this past week.

one of the best parts of camp for me (this was my third, and by far the best, year of church camp...aka "girls camp") has always been the "partying" side. I never mingled with new people, I never really enjoyed the testimony meeting at the end of camp, but this year changed my perspective. I met so many new people who I know will support me in all that I do, from clothing to language. our testimony meeting was filled with the spirit. we had girls bearing their testimony with such strength, that had never had that happen to them before.

I also just wanted to say how wonderful the program for youth ages 12-18, who are girls, is. it has helped me so much through my rough days. I know without a doubt in my heart that my leaders are called by god to be in the young women's program for a reason, and I hope to grow up to be more like them.

if you don't know much about the Mormon church, I SERIOUSLY recommend you look into it. it will change your life forever.

nighty livers,