Sunday, October 5, 2008

In the beginning...

Here goes the first post; just wanting to see how this works and how it will potentially look.

We're listening/watching General Conference today and are in between sessions right now. We finished a glorious lunch of noodles and peas. Brandon is nimbly dribbling the soccer ball through the house. Cami and Courtney are belting loud tones in the kitchen. Reagan is thumbing his nose at Mom and Dad in defiance to his meager cup of milk and Spencer is relishing Lehi's dream.

An autobiographical program of Thomas S. Monson is playing in the background with few paying attention to it. However, Kathy is actually standing, paused in the kitchen, with a growing interest in the feature.

Jon camped in the backyard with Brandon and Reagan on Friday night. After trying to justify his manliness on the supposed soft Bermuda grass, he succumbed to an air mattress the following night when repeating the activity with Courtney and Cami. A heavy dose of Benadryl the second night also made the encore event even more tolerable. The past couple of nights were reminders of how simple comforts turn into life's profit margin accelerators.